Welcome to the Swiss IPv6 Council Dashboard. The Dashboard shows the status of different IPv6 parameters of domains, which are checked
regularly. The parameters are: IPv6 Nameserver, IPv6 Mail Exchange and IPv6 Website access. All the parameters show, if the IPv6 tests were successful or if there are any problems in the IPv6 configuration.

The Dashboard shows the following:

If you want to participate to be tested and to be on the list, please register for an free Swiss IPv6 Council membership

Table 1: Domains of Swiss IPv6 Council Members (Companies, Commercial sites, ISP's and more):

NameWebsite TestMail Exchange TestNameserver Test
Abacus Research AG (abacus.ch)
achermann consulting ag (achermann.ch)
Achterbar (achterbar.ch)
Amanox Solutions AG (amanox.ch)
Antares Kommunikation (antanet.ch)
AnyWeb AG (anyweb.ch)
Arena Cinemas AG (arena.ch)
Asecus AG (asecus.ch)
Aspectra AG (aspectra.ch)
at rete ag (atrete.ch)
AVANTEC AG (avantec.ch)
AWK Group AG (awk.ch)
Baumarep AG (baumarep.ch)
Beat Rubischon (0x1b.ch)
Bertschi AG (bertschi.com)
Bruderer Research GmbH (brg.ch)
Bundesamt fuer Informatik und Telekommunikation (bit.admin.ch)
CASSARiUS (cassarius.ch)
Citrin Informatik GmbH (citrin.ch)
connectis AG (connectis.ch)
cryptca ! association (cryptca.org)
Daniel Roethlisberger (roe.ch)
Devoteam (devoteam.com)
Devoteam Genesis (devoteam.ch)
Devoteam Genesis (devoteamsec.ch)
Digicomp (digicomp.ch)
Doodle (doodle.com)
eb-Qual AG (eb-qual.ch)
Ecole d'Ingénieurs et d'Architectes de Fribourg (eia-fr.ch)
Ecole Polytéchnique Fédérale de Lausanne (epfl.ch)
eGovernment Schweiz (egovernment.ch)
Elmar Heeb (heebs.ch)
Endless Summer GmbH (surf-holiday.com)
ETH Zürich (ethz.ch)
FF Group (ferroflex.ch)
Flughafen Zürich (flughafen-zuerich.ch)
Frank Herberg (frankherberg.ch)
Fredy Zanolari (zanolari.net)
FreeStone Systems (freestone.net)
GOLINE SA (goline.ch)
green.ch (innovationtower.ch)
green.ch AG (green.ch)
Güntert Informatik (guentertinformatik.ch)
Hebe Consulting (hebe.ch)
HILOTEC Engineering + Consulting AG (hilotec.com)
Hostpoint (hostpoint.ch)
i-TEC (i-tec.ch)
ICC - International Computing Centre (unicc.org)
ImproWare AG (breitband.ch)
Init7 (init7.net)
INoTHINGS GmbH (inothings.com)
INS AG (ins-ag.ch)
Internet Society Switzerland Chapter (isoc.ch)
interway.ch (backdesign.ch)
IPv6 Forum (ipv6forum.com)
IPv6 Toolbox by FreeStone (ip6.ch)
IT & Design Solutions GmbH (itds.ch)
IT Training und Services (itee.ch)
itmatik GmbH (itmatik.ch)
iway AG (iway.ch)
Kanton Zürich (zh.ch)
Litecom AG (litecom.ch)
Local.ch (www.local.ch)
Luxeria (wiki.luxeria.ch)
meile.biz IT solutions (meile.biz)
Messerli Spenglerei GmbH (messerli-spenglerei.ch)
MiroNet GmbH (mironet.ch)
Mon Consuleak (monconsuleak.ch)
Monzoon Networks AG (monzoon.net)
Moresi.com SA (moresi.com)
Netcloud AG (netcloud.ch)
netLabs (netlabs.ch)
Netland (netland.ch)
Network Design GmbH (ndm.ch)
Nine Internet Solutions AG (nine.ch)
NISEC (nisec.ch)
NZZ Online (nzz.ch)
Onelan (onelan.ch)
Orell Füssli Sicherheitsdruck AG (ofs.ch)
Physikalisch-Meteorologisches Observatorium Davos (pmodwrc.ch)
pragmatic solutions gmbh (pragmatic-solutions.ch)
PrograMedia (programedia.ch)
redIT Services AG (redit.ch)
remasec kreis (remasec.ch)
Rolf Sommerhalder (crosscom.ch)
SAUTER EDELSTAHL AG (sauteredelstahl.ch)
SavePoint GmbH (savepoint.ch)
Services Industriels de Genève (ipv6-ready.sig-telecom.net)
Sidler Consulting (sidler.ch)
Siegrist SystemLoesungen (ipv6tech.ch)
snowflake productions gmbh (snowflake.ch)
Sobrado (sobrado.ch)
SPIE ICS AG (spie-ics.ch)
Starticket AG (starticket.ch)
Sunny Connection AG (sunny.ch)
Swiss Fibre Net (swissfibrenet.ch)
Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (cscs.ch)
Swiss Solar Log (swiss-solar-log.ch)
Swisscom (swisscom.com)
SwissIPv6Council (swissipv6council.ch)
SwissIX (swissix.ch)
Switch (switch.ch)
Switch - Internet Domains (nic.ch)
Ticinocom SA (ticino.com)
University of Geneva (unige.ch)
Universität Bern (unibe.ch)
Verein trash.net (trash.net)
VFI-Berufsbildung (vfi.ch)
xoo networks consulting Ulf Kieber (xoo.net)
Young Solutions AG (youngsolutions.ch)
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Table 2: Alexa Top Sites in Switzerland:

RankingNameWebsite TestMail Exchange TestNameserver Test
1Google Schweiz (google.ch)
2Facebook (facebook.com)
3Google (google.com)
4YouTube - Broadcast yourself (youtube.com)
5Wikipedia (wikipedia.org)
6Yahoo! (yahoo.com)
7Amazon.com (www.amazon.com)
8Blick (blick.ch)
10Windows Live (live.com)
1120 Minuten (20min.ch)
12Amazon DE (www.amazon.de)
13Bluewin (bluewin.ch)
14Linkedin (www.linkedin.com)
15Twitter (twitter.com)
18Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (www.srf.ch)
19Google Deutschland (google.de)
20SBB (www.sbb.ch)
22Portal der Schweizer Regierung (www.admin.ch)
26Swisscom Directories AG (local.ch)
27Tagesanzeiger (tagesanzeiger.ch)
28Swisscom (www.swisscom.ch)
33Blogspot (www.blogspot.ch)
39Apple (www.apple.com)
51Microsoft (www.microsoft.com)
61Post CH AG (post.ch)
78Comparis (comparis.ch)
115Swisslos (swisslos.ch)
126Swiss (www.swiss.com)
130Infomaniak (infomaniak.ch)
139TIO - Portale del Ticino (tio.ch)
277Wilmaa (wilmaa.com)
406Deindeal (deindeal.ch)
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Tests generated at 2017-02-24 10:06:50

Description of the tests:

The tests are checking if there are IPv6 AAAA-Records available for the domain and if they are correct.
- Website Test: checks the domain with and without "www" (e.g. example.net and www.example.net).
- Mail Exchange Test: checks the MX-Records of the domain and if there are AAAA-records availalbe.
- Nameserver Test: checks if the nameserver (NS-Records) of the zone have set some AAAA-records.

the testing-results are:
 - RED: There is no IPv6-AAAA record -> the domain is not IPv6 enabled.
 - YELLOW: There are some AAAA records but maybe some are incorrect -> the setup seems to be broken.
 - GREEN: There is at least one IPv6-record -> all seems to be ok and running.

To register and to be on this list, please read above. (c) Swiss IPv6 Council